Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Deadly Sister

Author: Rod Hoisington
Publisher: Entera Books
ISBN: 9780615298528

The book "One Deadly Sister", I felt is a murder mystery at its best. The author takes you on a who-done-it ride which includes the introduces of several characters, which can be likable as well as unlikable. These people all have their own dirty laundry and guilty pleasures that play out with every turn of the page. It is also a look at how a innocent man can be so mix-up in the lives of others that he is arrested for a crime he did not commit, or did he.

Even though there are several characters in this story, they are skillfully developed and can be easy followed. The main character Ray seems to be the man with the worst luck ever. I felt bad that he has was being used as a pawn in everyone's game where he had no game in anything. Even the police department, along with the state attorney, just wanted to nail Ray's coffin and be done with it. Since I is have worked in several law firms in the past and have a Paralegal Degree , I was able to identify with Ray's sister Sandy. She came across as one tough cookie that would not take stuff from anyone, including the law enforcement individuals who were handling her brothers case. There were also characters I loved to hate, for example, Loraine who thought she could wiggle her way out of anything, and believe me she tries a lot.

I would recommend "One Deadly Sister" to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with many plot twists and of course some turns added for a good measure of suspense. Although I was trying to figure the who did it part, many things were not what they seemed. So you really have to read the book all the way through. No fair peeking to the end either, its well worth the wait. There is brief sexual content, mostly pg rated. It also has a great and realistic story line that will keep you guessing till the end.