Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Title: Other People's Heroes: The Heroes of Siegel City
Author: Blake M. Petit
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781463599072

I believe that interest in heroes is universal and eternal. ~Norman Spinrad

Joshua Corwood is a “regular” guy in a world filled with super heroes (Capes) and villains (Masks). The only saving grace in his mundane life is the fact that he gets to write about these extraordinary people in a newspaper called Powerlines. He gets to interview them and get their back story to share to the world, well his small corner of the world. Joshua secretly wishes he was a superhero, someone who could save the innocent and be a hero to all. In his pursue of the next big story he discoveries the tale of the millennium. Could everything he knows and ultimately loves about the Capes be a sham? And if it is should he tell others or keep it to himself? The life as Siegel City knows it will be changed forever if the story gets out.

Imagine a comic book story made into a book without pictures...this is the result. Not really heard of right, but it works so well here. I really enjoyed this method because it give the reader the opportunity to use their imagination to picture the characters and events. Each character, even the superheroes and villains, have depth and substance with very human-like personalities including their flaws. I loved the sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book along with the serious story line. A plot like no other keeps the reader engrossed and entertained with the pasting of each page. Recommended to readers of all ages especially lovers of comic books who are willing to see it in a different light and in a whole new way.