Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rendezvous Rock

Author: Rickey Bray
Publisher: Robert D. Reed Publishers
ISBN: 9781934759257

"For my part, I have ever believed, and do not know that there are witches."
~Thomas Browne, Sr.

Ah, young love and the promises they try to keep. The lovers to be are Susan, a beautiful green eyed, red haired, 15 year old, witch and Eric, a dark eyed, dark haired, handsome, 15 year old, Halfling. They meet on a camping trip that Eric and his uncle Ned have taken for some male bonding. As the time to leave draws near Susan makes an offer to Eric that seems to him too good to be true. Their bonding is forever and is sealed with a tryst and a braid of Susan's hair placed on Eric's ankle. However, Susan has put a condition on this relationship that forbids them from seeing each other for the next ten years and after this time they must meet right back to the rock that they made their vows to each other on. The book "Rendezvous Rock" follows them both during this ten year span, where both have changed and grown in many ways. There are witches, spawns and enchantresses that Eric has come to know and learn from in order to understand and appreciate the world he is now a part of without even knowing it. The most important realization is that of the Three Circles and how for the rest of his life, he must protect all within them with his life, if necessary.

Do not judge the book by the author, Rickey Bray. He has spent time in jail, but it doesn't show in the way he writes with the grace and pose of a seasoned writer. He has the gift of telling a tale of love, beauty and also drama and suspense. Mr. Bray keeps the reader engrossed in the lives of people with special gifts and talents that are used mostly for the good of the world. I highly recommend this book, it has everything a reader may crave in a good read. The characters are believable and draw you into their world with their vast belief systems and religious rites. It is a great read and I look forward to more books from Mr. Bray soon.