Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Water Landing

Author: Jonathan Slusher
Publisher: Cow Chip Press
Publisher's Address: Carney's Point, NJ
ISBN: 9780578029825

"Water Landing" consists of 19 chapters with their own titles, and the text is double lined through-out which makes it easy on the eyes and quicker to read; I read it in one day. The author has written this book like the one character is sitting down having a causal conversation with someone he just meet. The reader is not given unnecessary details, but is given enough information to understand what is going on.

The main character, Luke Kettle, is a 28 year ago man who seems, in my interpretation, to be going through a middle life crisis at a very young age. He feels his life will not get any better, especially since he has the worst luck with his love life. With one girlfriend out of his life, his friend who is a girl, but not yet his girlfriend has cancer. Since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago I could relate to his helplessness against the disease and the eternal hopefulness that she would get better. I am lucky that my mom is doing fine now. I found it interesting that his parent were from Germany and of course spoken German. My mom's parents were from Austria and spoke German too, but I never learned, maybe I will in the furture.

Throughout the book there are descriptions of landmarks and/or parks in both the states of New Jersey and of California, which showed how these states are different and also how they are the same. Almost like how Luke has changed as he moved from one place to the next.

In my opinion this book is about a young man's journey in making amends with the future plans that will never happen, almost like morning for them. Even with the dwellings of the what ifs, Luke has to face facts that things are never going to be the same and neither is he. "Water Landing" is a look into the grieving process in a different perspective, which showed me that everyone really does have their own way of grieving.

I would recommend this book to young adult and adults who would like a book that is a quick read and not skimpy with the story line and the depth of characters.