Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Author: Tonya Plank
Publisher: Dark Swan Press
ISBN: 9780615280998

"Gradually, I come to realize that people will readily swallow lies than truth, as if the taste of lies was homey, appetizing: a habit."
-Martha Gellhorn

The above mentioned quote could describe the reason for the affection that plagues Sophie Hegel, the main character in the book "Swallow", by Tonya Plank. Sophie is a small town girl who went to an ivy league law school, meets prince charming and moves to New York City. Everything in her life appears to be going smoothly, in her opinion, until her boyfriend Stephen pops the question of will you marry me. Since she is hiding her "Arizona" family from her "New York City" family, all will clash together with the upcoming wedding which causes her to panic.

Everything in Sophia's life becomes too hard to accept or believe without question, protest or anger, which she tend to stifle and not come to grips with. I think as we all get older, we start to inquire about our lives. We analyze our past and how it has impacted the decisions we have made. Sophie's past including her upbringing and her dysfunctional family: divorced parents, jealous sister, reared its ugly head, or should I say fist, and made it hard to ignore anymore. She tries to deny the existence of or the truth of who she really is. With the love and support of her friends; gay arty friend Thom, fashion suave friend Frances, lawyer friend Sami, Sophie realizes that in life some shallow people will cross your path and that they will try to manipulate how you look at yourself. We all should not allow people to lead us astray and corrupt us into seeing ourselves in a bad light.

With the all changing event of September 11th, Sophie is pushed to make decisions to save her from the fantasy life she thought she had. She begins to see things for what they are and what her goals really are. I think most of America took the time after 9/11 to revalue their lives as well.

All the characters are beautifully woven and integrated in the story which gives the reader the opportunity to relate to them. Each character has an impact, either good, bad or both, on how the main character is shaped or is being molded.

I recommend this book to adult women young and old who would like a good laugh, a good cry and a bunch of good feelings.