Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Book Title: Sandman
Author: Ian Kingsley
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
ISBN: 9781907756757
Reviewed by Michele Tater for The Couch Tater Review

“Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing.” ~Henry Miller

Paul Vincent, an architect, is married to Shasa, a stunning beautiful woman, and father is their fourteen year old daughter whom thankfully took after her mom in the looks department. As their dream home is having its finishing touch done, they decide to take a much needed time off at a beach hut at Mudeford Sandbank in Dorset, England. What could be better than toes in the sand, fresh sea air to inhale and hearing the breaking of waves. As they lazily enjoy their holiday, they are not aware of trouble brewing in a nearby area.

The meeting of the “Sandman” aka Stevie Clark, and the Vincent’s on the beach is anything but friendly. Stevie seems to be unable to communicate without a knife in his hand. Could he be behind the recent unbelievable violent attack on an aspiring actress, Carol Davis?

During a party hosted by the Vincent’s, Paul has to come face-to-face to the realization of what his wife’s constant flirting has resulted in. This momentous occurrence starts a series of events that has Paul questioning his marriage, Stevie accused of crimes that he insists he has not committed and a family forever changed.

That is just a small taste of the story line in Ian Kingsley’s “Sandman”. I am giving only a sampling of it so not to ruin the main courses available for the reader to savor. This book is,  a no-brainier really, a day at the beach or pool side read, but I think reading it in the dead of winter can give a reader reason for warmth. You are able to relate to the Vincent family and are able to sympathize with them as well. Although you may think you have this book all figured out, trust me you don’t, wait until the end.