Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Author: Sean Hayden
Publisher: Echelon Press Publishing
ISBN: 9781590806821

Being a normal teenage is hard enough, but being Ashlyn is even more complicated. She lost her mother giving birth to her, and she does not even know her father. Given that she knows no other relatives she lives with her aunt, which seems normal right? But not only has her aunt cared for Ashlyn but she also lets Ashlyn feed off her blood every other day. Instead of nails Ashlyn has claws and her pupils of her eyed are slit like a cat. With all these differences, her aunt felt it better for her to be isolated from the real world. Television and the Internet were her only sources of what the outside was like, although she would sneak out at night to walk. She is unable to go into the daylight since the sun hurts her eyes and she would get a nasty sunburn too.

Like most good things, this situation had to come to an unfortunate end. Ashlyn’s aunt has a car accident which leaves her little choice but to leave since there are not records of her even being alive. “Origins” is a tale of what happens to Ashlyn when she is face with a world that she knows less about than she had thought. She is given an opportunity she really can not refuse and one that will change her life forever, either in a good or bad way, she is not sure. Now grant you this story takes place where the world is full of vampires, and several types of them, and also wereanimals. These creatures are a “normal” sight throughout the city of Chicago where Ashlyn has lived. The author, Sean Hayden’s lets you into a place of fantasy set in the modern time era. His main character,  Ashlyn pulls at your heart strings as she figures out her place in this strange place.

Don’t let the fact that this is Sean Hayden’s first book steer you away from “Origins”; his writing comes across as a seasoned writer. It may seem to be more geared to be a young adult book being that Ashlyn is only seventeen years old, I find that even an older adult like me enjoyed it. I highly recommend this read to lovers of vampires and other supernatural figures. It has action, blood, gore and so much more, that you will be asking for even more. Thank goodness he already has a second book in the works.