Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deer In My Garden, The Yucky Flower Series

 Volume 1: Perennials & Subshrubs
Author: Carolyn Singer
Publisher: Garden Wisdom Press
ISBN: 9780977425105

" How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening" ~Alexander Smith

Although I have not had a problem with deer eating my plants, knock on wood, I would like to plant perennials and subshurbs next year that I can be hopeful will not become a meal for our four legged friends. The book "Deer in My Garden" seems to be the book that I can use as a reference as I plan out my gardens. It has 53 plants that are tested by the author in her own gardens and are only the ones that deer don't eat at all.

Each plant includes: Description of it which lists the height and spread information; Cultural Requirements that has Zone numbers, soil and sun needs; Bloom with bloom times and color only if the plant blooms; Seasonal Interest of the plant during the changing of the seasons; Companion Plants and Landscape Uses; Propagation in other words how to grow from seed or divided it from another plant; Maintenance of the plant as it grows. With all this information it makes it easy to prepare my garden for the new plants and how to take care of them once they are planted.

In the back there are Appendixes that are also lists of plants:
Appendix 1: Deer-Resistant Edging Perennials, Appendix 2: Other Perennials That May Be Deer-Resistant, and Appendix 3: Plants That Are Not Deer-Resistant, But Are On "Deer-resistant" Plant Lists. Again very informative lists to use in the decision progress.

In reading through this book, I actually become bummed that we are heading into winter. The spring season for next year is going to fun and easier thanks to the helpful information in this book. I recommend "Deer in My Garden" for the beginning gardener especially the ones with the problem of deer munching on their plants. Also the experienced gardener may be interested in planting ideas and the lists.
Still love the deer, even if they eat the bird seed out of the feeders and now I can buy the plants that they will think are yucky.