Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Title: She Wasn't Allowed to Giggle
Author: Lavinia Thompson
Publisher: Self-Published
ASIN: B005qtx282

Domestic violence causes far more pain than the visible marks of bruises and scars. It is devastating to be abused by someone that you love and think loves you in return.” ~ Dianne Feinstein

It has been written that in order for someone to become a survivor of domestic abuse, one must open their wounds and let them bleed. This author as done just that by writing her feelings of pain and anguish in poetry form. She was a victim of abuse both physically and sexually which started when she was a young girl, by someone she knew. Lavinia must bleed from these wounds many times before she could heal completely. She has dissected all the memories and fear she had experienced during this awful time. Finally, when Lavinia becomes empty of this emotions, she finds her strength and courage to live beyond her past. She is reformed in her heart and her thinking of how she views the world around her. Happy ending? Just have to read til the end...

A comforting read for people that have experienced abuse and also for people who may want to understand what someone has gone through. Author wants her voice to be heard, and also to give other survivors the peace of mind that they are not alone and there is still hope for them to have a beautiful life to live.

Gone Reading

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Title: The Leaf Catcher
Author: Dax M. Tucker
Publisher: Create Space
ISBN: 9781463561406

One of the greatest lessons the fall of the leaf teaches is this: do your work well and then be ready to depart when God shall call.”
~Tryson Edwards

Corliss is not a money wealthy man but he is wealthy in wisdom. Although he labors tending the gardens of the King for meager wages, he never complains about the work he does. How can this be? His son Maddox asks this question often. Is this how his life will end up too? Maddox really hopes not. Sensing his son's disappointment, Corliss begins to show the beauty of a simple life. He speaks of his family which includes Claire his wife and his daughter Hope, and how much joy and contentment he has in just living. Unfortunately his wife is a beauty and has caught the eye of Gavin the Prince. He is consumed with desire to have Claire as his own. How for will he go to accomplish this? Is Corliss's family really as strong as he may think they are? Will his son eventually understand his teaches before it is too late?

Many may try to compare this author's poetic work with some of the greatest from the past, I have chose not to. I think this poet deserves to be recognized as a great on his own merit. I found this book to be a fairy tale for adults: good verses evil with a little magic mixed in. Written in a gentle tempo and tone, it felt like I had my own Zen master of words trying to bestow words of wisdom inside an enthralling story. It is truly a treasure chest with gems of life lessons to be discovers through out. One of which, is to have a mind enriched in wisdom than have a life enriched in material wealth. I would like to thank the author for the gift of himself that he has given to the world for, “the most precious gift that can be given is what we possess in the our own person.” I look forward to more gifts and treasures from this author, it will be worth the wait.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Title: Flight in February
Author: Philip Kraske
Publisher: EyeStorms Books
ISBN: 9780986520303

Sometimes even the flight of an angel hits turbulence.”
~Terri Guillements

Set in a town near Stillwater, Minnesota, sits an underground maximum security prison thought to be one place where no one can escape from. Until someone tries. It just happens to Marcus Strenk, a seeming good prisoner, who does what he is told and paints with an eye of an aged artist. Did he really commit suicide or do he pull the ultimate prison break? Or did he burn in the furnace used to burn the waste from the humans who are considered by society as a waste as well. Is he a seasoned drug smuggler who just happen to finally get caught or a wronged man who was part of something bigger than he was? This is for Deputy Marshal Henry Scott to sort through and figure out what exactly is going on. Even though he is given obstacles that he must go around and sometimes through, he is determined to get to bottom of everything.

This the first book I have read from Philip Kraske, but I can say without hesitation, I hope it will not be the last. The novel is so well written you can feel the cold from the winter wind and the cold shoulders that Mr. Scott has to deal with. I think the author is a genius in developing a plot, that many will believe to be a plausible explanation, of how our agencies are run behind our backs. Likeable protagonists, yes I mean more than one. There are several main characters the reader will find themselves rooting for until the very end. By no means is this a how-to-escape-from-prison book or how to survive in Minnesota winter. But it is definitely a novel worthily of reading during the hottest of summers or the coldest of winters. An enthralling, well-crafted novel with an exciting and suspenseful plot. I highly recommend this book; I can not say it clearer than that. I look forward to read more books from this talented writer in the near future.