Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fruit of the Fallen

Author: J. C. Burnham
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781450018159

"Human beings must be known to be love; but Divine beings must be loved to be known." Blaise Pascal

As a nun hands a baby to Dr. Jonathan Keats, she is fatally shot and Dr. Keats must run for his life as well as the baby's. He is later framed for the murder of the nun and has to go into hiding. The infants name is Serenity D'Evele and her past is shrouded in mystery. When events occur, that are beyond Dr. Keats control, Serenity is given to Sister Sophia D'Evele who adopts the girl as her grandchild. After moving from country to country through most of her childhood, Serenity and her grandmother settle in California at a all girls school called Mount Sterling. Soon strange things start happening, a sighing of a demonic looking dog-like animal and the appearance of a tall blond hair man. One night Serenity is force to fight of the creature with some help from an unknown person. Her classmate Sarah starts to act differently too and seems to have burning hatred for Serenity. Serenity's dreams also take a disturbing turn by become more vivid and having a man's voice calling for her. She turns to her faith and her support group which consists of her best friend Ellen, her music teacher's brother Talmadge and Father Abrienne. She will need all the help she can get, since she is possibly the key to a prophecy which may have apocalyptic consequences.

"The Fruit of the Fallen" with its beautiful cover art and its intriguing story line is a truly great read. It consists of 22 chapters that are divided by drawings of grapes on a vine, which becomes relative later in the book. Even though there were several religious references, they are explained for easy understanding. There are flash backs so the reader must pay attention, as well as they should anyway. Serenity, as the main character, is a likable person who has no lack of innocence.

The book is a mysterious and absorbing novel, which I think would appeal to the adult and the young adult reader. I high recommend this to anyone who likes a mystery with some faith testing added in.