Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Title: Deceptions
Author: Sean Hayden
Publisher: Echelon Press Publishing
ISBN: 9781590808702
Reviewed by Michele Tater for the Couch Tater Review

“I hate the man who is double-mined, kind in words, but a foe in his conduct.” ~Palladas

She’s back...Ashlyn that is. Everyone’s favorite FBI agent, well it should be everyone’s favorite. Her assignment this time is to act as a body guard to a vampire who just happens to be the Governor of California who also happens to be a vampire. In California what can happen, does happen. Protecting someone who seems to have a huge target on his forehead is no easy task on your body or your wardrobe. For Ashlyn it is all in a day work. However strange things are happening to the vampire leaders in the area. It is just a coincidence or is someone out to get rid of them for personal gain? Why does Ashlyn always have to be in the middle of everything? Can she survive again or is this fight just to much for a young vampire/demon to bare? Questions only answered if you read the book!

Finally, we are graced with another book about Ashlyn and her now adventures of vampire sitting. She really is growing into her person in her professional life as well as her personal life. Yes, she develops a “life” which causes her great joys and more troubles. I really like this character, if you haven’t already guessed. She has a sense of humor, that keeps me laughing, along with a streak of either bravery or stubbornness that usually gets her into some major trouble. Never a dull moment with this series. FYI you learn more about Ashlyn’s father, interesting. I can’t say enough about this author--when he puts his stories to print he never disappoints. There I said it, now Mr. Hayden, get back to writing book number three, please.

 This is the author, Sean Hayden.