Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book Title: Something Secret This Way Comes
Author: Sierra Dean
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Reviewed by Michele Tater For The Couch Tater Review

Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal. ~ Russell Lynes

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the great City of New York, there are monsters that do more than go bump in the night. When one of these monsters take their “fun” to far, the Vampire Tribunal calls upon one person to take care of the problem. The person is not really a human person at all, she happens to be half vampire and half werewolf. Secret McQueen makes the strongest, of before mentioned, monsters quake in their shoes with fear; even just saying her name sends them shaking. The most recent trouble is the return of a very old vampire who had a run in with Secret before and he still has the broken tooth to prove it. Can she stop him in time to stop his taking over the largest of all cities with his rogue vampires? This while Secret is becoming more connected to her wolfy side. Why do women try to do so much at the same time! Can Secret handle it?

Now I know there are many vampire/werewolf books out there, but I found this one stands out on its own. Secret is a fantastic main character that shows how being different is not necessary a bad thing. She also has a strong support group that are there for her if needed. Yes there is love too, not too mushy or anything, just plain old boy meets girl and girl meet another will just have to read it for the details. The book is fast paced, packed with action and filled with mysteries that will leave the reader wanting to know more. Thank goodness the author planned to write this as a series and the other books are just a quick down load away.