Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Title: Released
Author: Megan Duncan
Publisher: Create Space
ISBN: 9781461017721
Reviewed by Michele Tater for The Couch Tater Review

The human heart dares not stay away too long from that which hurt it most. There is a return journey to anguish that few of us are released from making.” ~Lillian Smith

Imagine our world taken over by strange, evil creatures with no warning and no knowledge of where they came from. Many humans die fights for their lives and the lives of their family and friends. The survivors are boarded up in their homes waiting and wondering what to do next. Among these survives are three teenagers: Abby and her brother Carter, family friend Max. Unfortunately, their family members are deceased. Looking for hope they turn to the radio and find a transmission that offers a safe haven to anyone that can make it there. The three, the nerd, the jock and the tomboy, set out to New Mexico in the hope they find other survivors and a safe place to live. On their journey they face many more “demons” some pure evil and others clothed in human clothing.

Although I am far from being a teenager by many years, I did find this book entertaining to say the least. The characters let their age show in many parts of this story, but I found it gave it a more realistic and believable feel. Their typical teenage mannerisms brought back memories of how my own kids acted. Even their hormones are shown as raging, even in the face of danger and destruction. The journey they are on becomes not only physically trying but also physiologically trying as well.

As with other reviewer of this book, I found it hurt to put down until I was done. I was surprised with the ending, which leaves things open for another book. There is suspense, horror and raw emotion: what more can you get from a good book.