Monday, October 3, 2011

Azure Dying

Author: C. W. Gordon
Publisher: Strategic Book Group
ISBN: 9781609766931

As far as thinking about death and murder and various ways of killing people and how people die... I probably have the most twisted mind in Slayer. ~Tom Araya

Amy, a junior in High School in Austin, Texas, is rushing home from school to hopefully get a call from her boyfriend before her mom answers the phone. Being grounded prevents her from having her cell phone, which make talking to him so much easier, but rules are rules. As she reached he street, she notices a big black H2 Hummer parked by the curb. Amy decides to take a closer look since it not a vehicle seen on her street often. As she gets to the back hatch of the truck, she sees a small note which reads "think of you mother" and then all goes black for Amy.

Glen Young, a journalist for an Austin paper, receives a envelope with no return address. Fan mail? Hate mail? Nothing new to a writer with a reputation of getting under people's skin to get a story. Little does he know that what the envelop contains will begin the worst of all nightmares.

As I was reading this book I could literally feel my skin crawl, however it was not possible to stop reading it. It was like taking a tour through a haunted house, you know its going to be scarey, but you can't help but to go through it. This book is scarey good. The villain is as twisted and perverse as one can be. The reader gets a horrific view of the inside of a killer's and how he ticks. With all the facets of the worst childhood one person can have, the murder is a product of such events.

Also the reader is give a glimpse into the police and the detectives as they work to solve this mystery so they can get this psychopath as soon as they can. One particular ex-cop joins in the chase, someone who is down on his luck, but chooses to do the right thing. I found myself cheering these brave souls throughout the book, hoping that they would be able to reach the madman before it was too late.