Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handmade Memories

Author: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
Publisher: Free Verse Media
Kindle Edition
Reviewed By Michele Tater for The Couch Tater Review

Written in an intellectual flow of poems and essays about the life of a truly gifted author, I found this book a remarkable piece of literature for the ages. He leads the reader on a guide tour of parts of his childhood and his adulthood through his words. The sights, smells and feeling come out of each poem like a direct IV from the authors soul. Often optioned and insightful in his thoughts; they will cause the reader to think of their own interpretations of things and their choices. The heroes and the people that have had an impact on his life are also described in savvy thoughtful way. Included in the ending of book, is quick bio of the author's life which helps the reader connect the dots even more.

Highly recommended read, which could be enjoyed by young and old who is curious about the life of a talent intellect poet and writer. Reading club could have the chance of deciphering the meanings and feelings of the author and the what reader experienced as reading it.