Sunday, April 10, 2011

The A-Men

Author: John Trevillian
Publisher: Matador, Troubador Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781848763432
Reviewed by Michele Tater for Review the Book

“To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.” Robert Louis Stevenson

In the future of our world, all hell has broken loose. The company that ran things and keep everything working harmoniously has left the planet. Although many Earth dwellers were able to leave before the change over to the survive of the fittest mentality, many were unable to. What is left on the planet are renegades of gangs, fight each other for superiority and tracts of the best parts of the cities that are available. To bring some control to this mess, a group of trained military like mavericks, are dropped down from their ship to in the chaos. Most being criminals or persons that just don't fit anywhere else. They do not realize the magnitude of the situation they are now a part of, many pay the price with their lives. The survivors band together and form their own “gang” with other members joining them if they can swear the oath. The members names are borrowed from a book of tales, which gives all who read it some hope in a world with very little hope.

The best way to describe this book, in my opinion anyway, is a “guy” flick written by author with a vision like no one else. It has all the great elements of an action pack block buster movie; chaos, mayhem, explosions, death and destruction. There are turf wars and some colorful characters that can only exist in the end of world times. It has glimpses of scenes that have the Road Warrior movie feel it them, but most are taken right from the imagination of the author. But is does include a sensitive overtone especially when the book “forevermore” is mentioned; it is like a religious icon. Even with its guy geared content, I would recommend to girls too; hey what girl doesn't like a good guy flick anyway. Although, a thick book, it is easy to get engrossed in it and you are done before you know it. The reader will look forward to read the next book, “The A-Men Return”, which is already written and available.